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Regional Information

The Champlain Local Health Integration Network (LHIN) has had a Regional Hip and Knee Replacement Program since 2010.

This program seeks to improve access to timely assessment services for possible primary total joint replacement surgery in the Champlain LHIN, utilizing a regional central intake referral processing site and multi-disciplinary assessment teams based at three assessment centres: the Eastern Ottawa Region site at Hôpital Montfort; Cornwall Community Hospital; and, the Western Ottawa Region site at Queensway Carleton Hospital with a satellite at Pembroke Regional Hospital. Once the patient is assessed to be a surgical candidate, they will be provided with wait time information and will choose a surgeon at any of the participating hospitals: Cornwall Community Hospital, The Ottawa Hospital, Hôpital Montfort or Queensway Carleton Hospital.

Referrals are to be sent directly to the regional central intake centre, rather than to individual orthopaedic surgeon office. Referrals sent to an orthopaedic surgeon will be redirected back to the referring physician office to complete an appropriate referral form for central intake. This will result in delays for patient care.

More information can be obtained by calling the Regional Central Intake Centre at 613-721-7890 or by visiting our website at www.ChamplainRHKRP.com. Additional referral forms can be obtained through our website. All referral forms should be faxed to

The Regional Hip and Knee Replacement Program will lead to the following changes in the referring physician’s current referral process:

  • a standard referral form, entitled Request for Primary Hip and Knee Replacement Consultation, will be used for all potential primary hip and knee replacement surgery referrals for the Champlain LHIN.
  • If you do not use this form, your referral will be sent back to you with the proper form to complete – results in delays in patient care
  • Referrals will be faxed to the Regional Central Intake Centre(613-721-7889) for review and triage, instead of directly being faxed to the surgeons’ offices
  • Surgeons who receive forms directly will send them to the Regional Central Intake Centre – results in delays in patient care

The main benefits of the Regional Hip and Knee Replacement Program Central Intake Office for Referring Physicians include:
  • Fast referral response times
  • Comprehensive feedback regarding patient assessments
  • Suggested next steps
  • Improved access to care
  • Reduced wait times for patients


Benefits at a Glance

For Patients

Reduced wait times for hip and knee replacement

  • Improved quality of care through better coordination and delivery of services
  • Better patient education and preparation leading to better outcomes
  • Choice of hospital, of surgeon, or of shortest wait time with services offered in both English and French

For Referring Physicians

Simplified, streamlined intake process ensures patients receive appropriate services sooner and leads to greater patient satisfaction

  • Quick and measurable referral response times
  • Additional resources for patient support and education