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Frequently Asked Questions

Why should I use the referral form?
The standard Request for Primary Hip and Knee Replacement Consultation will help the Regional Central Intake Office process the referral faster, which in turn, will lead to quicker access to an Assessment Centre and surgeon consult for your patient. A complete referral form also reduces the likelihood of delays due to follow-up with your office, and ensures that your referral is triaged based on a complete summary of information. 

What constitutes a complete Request for Primary Hip and Knee Replacement Consultation?
We strongly encourage you to complete all fields on the form and provide additional information where appropriate ie. attach recent diagnostic imaging reports, medication list, cumulative patient profile. If the request for consultation is not completed, your office will be called and the referral faxed back for completion. This will result in delays for your patient. 

What happens at the Regional Central Intake Centre?
The Request for Consultation is screened for completeness by administrative staff and a patient record is created in the referral tracking system. The referral is then handed off to an assessor for an appropriateness review. 

What is an Appropriateness Review?
An appropriateness review determines the patient’s appropriateness for a physical screening at an Assessment Centre. The patient must be a potential candidate for a primary hip or knee replacement. Once the patient is deemed appropriate for an Assessment Centre visit, the referral will be faxed to the closest assessment centre to the patient’s home. Assessment Centres are located at Cornwall Community Hospital, Montfort Hospital, and Queensway Carleton Hospital with a satellite location at Pembroke Regional Hospital.

What happens if the patient is not deemed appropriate for an Assessment Centre visit?
If the patient is not deemed appropriate for an Assessment Centre, a letter will be sent to the referring physician with an explanation for the decision. An inappropriate consultation would include referrals for shoulder, foot, or back problems.

What if I am not sure if the patient is appropriate for the clinic?
If unsure, please send the referral to the Regional Central Intake Centre. We would be happy to review the information and either deem the patient to be appropriate to be seen or advise you as to where to send the patient for consultation.

What happens at the Assessment Centre?
The Assessment Centre visit lasts approximately 45 minutes. The assessment will be completed by a trained assessor and will focus on clinical, functional and radiological findings. The patient will receive information about potential treatment options.
The assessors are specially trained by the orthopaedic surgeon to conduct a comprehensive physical assessment to confirm the need for surgeon consult. The goal is to ensure that each patient is assessed promptly after referral, managed proactively and triaged to a surgeon based on urgency and appointment availability.
The role of the assessor is intended to reduce the time spent by orthopaedic surgeons seeing new patients who are not surgical candidates and to develop timely non-surgical treatment plans for these patients. Assessors also play a key role in patient education.
Patients who are deemed to be surgical candidates and who wish to have hip or knee replacement surgery are brought back to see a surgeon of their choice. Patients will be provided with wait time information for all surgeons and may choose a specific hospital or surgeon based at any of our participating hospitals: Cornwall Community Hospital, Montfort Hospital, The Ottawa Hospital or Queensway Carleton Hospital.

Will Patients be able to choose a Surgeon?

 If the patient is deemed to be a surgical candidate, the patient will be able to choose a specific surgeon or a specific hospital. The patient will be provided with wait time information so they are making an informed choice.